FTO-150V:Top-quality of PET flake recycling solution in Taiwan

2023/10/04 Successful

This introduction is for the experience of a customer from Kaohsiung in using Partico's FTO-150 machine. The main recycled raw material is PET bottle flakes. Due to the past experience in bottle flakes, the design of the main machine this time is mainly focused on improving machine design. The biggest challenge this time was the planning and integrating the front-end conveyor system. Due to the customer's factory being large and spanning different floors, the overall machine configuration and process are complex. For the front-end conveying system, we have installed an ACU air compression unit to cope with the difficulties of long-distance conveying in large factories by controlling air pressure and flow.

Since the pellets must be backfilled into the customer's production line, the customer is also more stringent about the quality of the produced pellets. But even under these conditions, Partico relies on the control of parameters and the excellent design of the machine (vacuum system, CPF filtration system, etc.), we can perfectly meet customer production needs, and also allow customers to have a good understanding of Partico.