Full Commitment in Achieving a Lucrative Joint Harvest

Partico Machinery Inc., which has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and applying thermoplastics, is a professional manufacturer and developer of the thermoplastic recycling machine in Taiwan. Based on rich customized manufacturing experience of plastic recycling machine, we can provide single or twin screw pelletizing extrusion, water ring pelletizer, strand pelletizer, extruder pelletizer with a stable die design, pelletizing equipment and series plastic recycling plant and related granulating system, pelletizing option devices to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Australia, Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Mexico, South Amercia and the Middle East at a rational price.

Rich experience in manufacturing on Plastic Recycling Machine

Partico is convinced that a curricular economy system which uses high-tech recycling engineering to recycle and reuse plastic waste can effectively reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment, thereby achieving a balance between manufacturing and ecology; a win-win situation for all as well as sustainable co-existence. To accelerate the operation of a circular economy, Partico serves the global market with its PP/PE/PET pelletizer recycling machine through its rich experience in the recycling supply chain, its understanding of the various applications of different material properties and its keen observation of the market.

Self developed PP, PE, PET Plastic Recycling Machine

Partico has developed its own 3-in-1 PP/PE/PET pelletizer recycling machine and plastic recycling extruder machine. It’s high production effectiveness, operative ease and quality products have acquired praise from clients. In recent years, Partico progressed into the technology-demanding PET plastic waste recycling market and has secured a place in the circular economy system with its outstanding quality. To date, Partico has sold its recycling and renewable system to clients around the world to serve industries of multiple applications, ranging from plastic and rubber, packaging, to environmental recycling, architecture, agriculture and government agencies.

More Environmentally Friendly Plastic Recycling Machine and Pelletizing Equipment

As opposed to distribution, we are more concerned with providing the most efficient production solutions in response to clients’needs. Inspired by various feedback, Partico utilizes core components, key technology and user-friendly innovations in drumming up your business with the remarkable performance and superior quality of its plastic recycling machine.

In the future, Partico will continue to improve its thermoplastic pelletizing recycling technology and its manufacturing capacity on series plastic recycling machine in order to create value for clients and contribute to a better environment,staying true to its promise of “Full Commitment in Achieving a Lucrative Joint Harvest.”

Branded Advantages

Dedication to R&D, Competent Expertise

Dedication to R&D, Competent Expertise

We are dedicated to R&D in acquiring higher levels of achievement. To maintain our position as a leading manufacturer of plastic recycling equipment, we have enhanced our professional expertise by honing our skills from manufacture to application.

Customized Services, Creating Value

Customized Services, Creating Value

We provide our clients with customized services and take pride in helping clients solve production and application problems. In the future, we will continue to create value for both our clients and ourselves with integrated and innovative solutions.

Going Green and Co-existence

Going Green and Co-existence

We promote environmental protection awareness to the public and fully commit to the manufacture of improved pelletizer recycling machinery in our urgent pursuit of a greener planet and sustainable development.


Partico’s vision is to “continue R&D and enhancement with passion, making plastic recycling engineering a part of the circular economy system, realizing sustainability.” We take the initiative by playing a crucial role in bringing the recycling supply chain together and making sure we meet the needs of our team, clients, suppliers and shareholders in our pursuit of corporate sustainability.

We firmly believe that only by doing so, can we keep our brand promise – “do the best and have a harvest together – in order to build a sustainable ecology system for the future.

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Partico is equipped with core PET recycling technology and therefore enjoys stable operation, and decent profits. For the purpose of expanding our business, we cordially and eagerly welcome talents with potential. We will bestow you with professional knowledge on plastic and rubber , in addition to an understanding of the Company’s development progress through business projects. You will be given opportunities and plenty of space to exert your talent, pick up professional skills and specialize in international logistics.

Please visit the following link for more information about our job openings if you are interested in this growing industry.

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