HF-FTO 3 in 1 Series:
3 in 1 Pelletizing Extrusion

Applicable materials Film or Flakes :


Mainly apply to shred, filter and pelletize the fluffy recycled plastic, which could be a customized recycled processing solution for any request.

According to the differences of materials (film, fiber, flake and shredded sheets), we supply the single-screw pelletizer equipped with forced feeding unit to create a high output. Therefore, we can design a production line to meet the needs of customers.


Step1. Select Model
TypeFTO-55 Output50-80 KG / HR Screw Diameter55 mm Shredding15-18 KW Extruder22-37 KW
TypeFTO-75 Output130-200 KG / HR Screw Diameter75 mm Shredding30-37 KW Extruder45-56 KW
TypeFTO-90 Output280-350 KG / HR Screw Diameter90 mm Shredding45-55 KW Extruder75-112 KW
TypeFTO-105 Output350-500 KG / HR Screw Diameter105 mm Shredding55-75 KW Extruder93-130 KW
TypeFTO-125 Output550-750 KG / HR Screw Diameter125 mm Shredding75-90 KW Extruder150-187 KW
TypeFTO-145 Output750-950 KG / HR Screw Diameter145 mm Shredding90-110 KW Extruder225-300 KW
TypeFTO-165 Output1000-1200 KG / HR Screw Diameter165 mm Shredding110-130 KW Extruder300-375 KW
Step2. Select Material ( Multiple selections accepted )
Step3. filling in the required items from the form below.
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