PARTICO: Manufacturing Top-Tier Plastic Recycling Machinery


The increasing plastic use coupled with pollution concerns has created a new niche of plastic recycling machinery systems. Based on the latest statistics, the global market for plastic recycling will grow from $25.3 billion in 2018 to $33.8 billion in 2023 - a compound annual growth rate of 5.9 percent for the given period.

Enter PARTICO, a leading Taiwanese manufacturer at the forefront of facilitating circular economy with its plastic recycling solutions. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, the company offers customised equipment for thermoplastic recycling.

“Plastic recycling is part of the solution for a sustainable future. PARTICO, as a manufacturer of recycling extrusion pelletizing equipment, is not only an advocate but also a practitioner of circular economy,” says Denny Chang, sales specialist at PARTICO.

Recognising the increasing demand for recycled plastics from PET bottles and its role in the circular economy, “PARTICO has independently developed a range of HF-FTO VACUUM machines that can be used to extrude and pelletize PET materials,’ elaborates Chang.

What PARTICO Primarily Does

Apart from manufacturing a range of pelletizers, PARTICO offers an end-to-end recycling system. Unlike most manufacturers making pelletizers and other plastic recycling equipment, PARTICO goes the extra mile by offering custom machine designs based on the plastic material to be recycled, or any other unique requirement determined by the client.

HF-FTO-V. Image courtesy of PARTICO.

The company’s solutions are primarily sought-after by plastic pelletizing factories and polyester companies. Whether it be replacing the existing pelletizers of their clients or designing new machines altogether, PARTICO emphasizes learning about the client’s requirements in full depth before proceeding to develop a solution. Doing so helps PARTICO solve one of the biggest drawbacks faced by pelletizing factories across the industry - blockages in screws and improper shape of pellets due to incompatible pelletizing systems.

Top-of-the-line Products

A favorite of companies in the plastic recycling industry, PARTICO produces high-quality and in-demand equipment. PARTICO’s top of the line and best-selling products include HF-FTO vacuum equipment, alongside HF-TS series and HF-FTO 3 in 1 extrusions pelletizing systems.


The HF-TS series is primarily designed to meet the varying needs of clients, especially to deal with a wide range of thermoplastic polymers. After learning about the client requirements, PARTICO provides a compatible loss-in-weight feeder or gravimetric feeder for achieving the best production quality.

HF-FTO 3 in 1 Extrusions Pelletizing

HF-FTO 3 in 1 Extrusions Pelletizing can take on almost every kind of plastic, including the ones that are generally hard to work with. PARTICO offers custom-built solutions under this series based on the requirements of clients. The company also offers a 3 in 1 extrusion pelletizing with a twin screw.


HF-FTO Vacuum series are primarily used for extruding as well as pelletizing PET materials. It is worth noting that PARTICO is the top manufacturer of PET technology, giving it a massive edge over its competitors. While the 3 in 1 extrusions pelletizing system forces different materials to fit inside the screw and intensely shreds them, the vacuum series is especially used for PET materials.

The Way Forward

Ever since its inception, PARTICO has constantly strived to improve its line of products, making design changes along the way. With plastic recycling being a major part of the circular economy, companies that manufacture machinery needed for these endeavors such as PARTICO are invariably tied to such an economy, making them a sustainable and future-proof business. Considering the growing awareness of climate change, pollution, and global warming, sustainable practices and environment conscious manufacturers are here to stay.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic may have presented the manufacturer with a few roadblocks, the ever-increasing need for plastic recycling will help keep PARTICO relevant and in-demand for the time to come.