Recycling production solution for PET yarn

2022/10/13 Successful

This customer in Changhua, Taiwan uses our FTO-135 to recycle mainly PET yarn, which is also PARTICO’s first time to contact PET yarn recycling. Different from PET flakes, yarn is fluffier, thus it is more challenging to improve the stability of feeding and increase the output. In response to the above difficulties, PARTICO changes the design of feeding port and knife disc. By testing and modifying continuously, our client is satisfied with the result.

Our client has high requirement for the quality of pellets because the pellets will be used back to production line, and the biggest factor to influence PET materials is moisture. To solve the problem, we add vacuum degassing system in the front drum of our 3 in 1 FTO series, which reduces the influence that may be caused by moisture to follow-up extrusion process significantly.

PARTICO has cooperated with several chemical fiber plants with PET extrusion pelletizing machine and got trust by our clients. In the future, we will still improve our knowledge about PET and other materials, trying hard to make our machine the best. We expect that we can provide the most suitable solution to our customer, and meanwhile, dedicating ourselves to protecting the environment.