MUCH TV CH.38 Made In Taiwan PARTICO【Plastic Pelletizing Extrusion : The Power Behind Environmental Protection 】

2020-08-14 Events


Full Commitment in Achieving a Lucrative Joint Harvest

Partico is convinced that a curricular economy system which uses high-tech recycling engineering to recycle and reuse plastic waste can effectively reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment, thereby achieving a balance between manufacturing and ecology; a win-win situation for all as well as sustainable co-existence.

To accelerate the operation of a circular economy, Partico serves the global market with its PP/PE/PET pelletizer recycling machine through its rich experience in the recycling supply chain, its understanding of the various applications of different material properties and its keen observation of the market.

As opposed to distribution, we are more concerned with providing the most efficient production solutions in response to clients’ needs. Inspired by various feedback, Partico utilizes core components, key technology and user-friendly innovations in drumming up your business with the remarkable performance and superior quality of its plastic recycling machine.

In the future, Partico will continue to improve its thermoplastic pelletizing recycling technology and its manufacturing capacity on series plastic recycling machine in order to create value for clients and contribute to a better environment, staying true to its promise of “Full Commitment in Achieving a Lucrative Joint Harvest.”

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