Introduction of Perfect Partico's Pelletizer


According to different requirements of plastic materials, Partico mainly privodes : Underwater, Water ring, Flow Channel system.

Introductions of Partico‘s pelletizer :

• Size and shape of pellets are average.
• Is commonly used for elastoplastic materials
• Easy to use and the required space is small, which reduces the cost.

Water ring
• Size and shape of pellets are average.
• The plastic pellets are generally round-flat, cylindrical or ball shaped.
• The die face does not contact the water and the cost of consumables like cutters and die face is lower.
• Suitable for most of plastic.

Flow Channel
• Relieves operating personnel for constant monitoring and minimizes waste in the production process.
• The production of plastic pellets is not disrupted when the plastic strand break.
• Automatically feed to the pelletizer by the water flow
• Suitable for hard plastic materials. Ex. PET, Nylon

PARTICO will provide our customers the most suitable pelletizing system, fulfilling our brand promise “Full Commitment in Achieving a Lucrative Joint Harvest”.