Granulating system
Flow channel

mainly used for plastic materials such as PET、PA、PC etc


The plastic strand pelletizing system consists of a die, water-cooling channel, pelletizer, centrifugal hydroextractor and a circulating water-cooling system. Plastic materials are melted and discharged through the extruder and discharged through the die in cylindrical shapes. The unique water tray of the water-cooling channel is manually operated to hold plastic cylinders and the water-cooling system transports the cylinders into the pelletizer for the pelletizing process. This system is suitable for hard plastic materials and bestows manual control convenience and high efficiency. The plastic cylinders are automatically fed to the pelletizer by the water flow. Even if the plastic cylinders break apart, the production of plastic pellets is not disrupted. Not only does this relieve operating personnel from the need of constant monitoring, but also minimizes waste in the production process.


Step1. Select Model
TypeCWF-150 Output250~500 Motor3.75KW
TypeCWF-250 Output500~1250 Motor5.6~7.5KW
TypeCWF-300 Output1250~2500 Motor9~12KW
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