HF-FTO Vacuum Series:
PET Pelletizing Extrusions line

Applicable materials Film or Flakes :
PET Bottle Flakes


The subject machine line (machine system) is mainly applied to the processing of PET crushed chips recycled from PET bottles.

By means of vacuum degassing system to remove the water and impurities, then go through the melting extrusion, filtering and granulating process to tailor made the complete PET recycling solutions for you.


Step1. Select Model
TypeFTO-135V Output600-750 KG / HR Screw Diameter135 mm Shredding90-110 KW Extruder150-187 KW
TypeFTO-150V Output850-1000 KG / HR Screw Diameter150 mm Shredding110-130 KW Extruder187-225 KW
TypeFTO-165V Output1000-1200 KG / HR Screw Diameter165 mm Shredding130-150 KW Extruder300-337 KW
Step2. Select Material ( Multiple selections accepted )
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