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Single Screw Pellet Extrusion Machine

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Single Screw Pellet Extrusion Machine
Single Screw Pellet Extrusion Machine | PARTECO

Single Screw Pellet Extrusion Machine is mainly applied in the thermoplastic field, suitable for recycling and pelletizing PE、LDPE、LLDPE、HDPE、PP、PET raw materials.
Depending on your preference for different pelletizing systems, we can design a production line to meet the needs of customers.


Step1. Select model of the machine or system for detailed inquiry

Type S-40 Output 30-50 KG / HR Screw Diameter 40 mm Motor15-22 KW
Type S-55 Output 40-80 KG / HR Screw Diameter 55 mm Motor22-37 KW
Type S-75 Output 120-180 KG / HR Screw Diameter 75 mm Motor45-56 KW
Type S-90 Output 250-320 KG / HR Screw Diameter 90 mm Motor75-112 KW
Type S-105 Output 320-420 KG / HR Screw Diameter 105 mm Motor90-130 KW
Type S-125 Output 500-600 KG / HR Screw Diameter 125 mm Motor150-187 KW
Type S-145 Output 700-850 KG / HR Screw Diameter 145 mm Motor225-300 KW
Type S-165 Output 1000-1150 KG / HR Screw Diameter 165 mm Motor300-375 KW

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