1. In response to covid-19, what are the differences and how do we make adjustments?

The biggest difference is that it is nearly impossible for us to visit our customers and participate in the exhibitions. We can only do marketing via the Internet or communicate with our customers through online meeting. Besides, the customers cannot see our equipment in person, thus, it is more difficult to explain and promote our machines. However, we continue filming new videos so that our customers can realize more about our products.

2.How do PARTICO stand out from other extrusion pelletizing equipment manufacturer?

The biggest advantage of PARTICO is that we are familiar with each material’s characteristics, so we can provide our customers the most suitable machine and the best suggestions according to customer’s requirements and our expertise. By doing this, our customers can not only reduce the cost of manpower but also produce high-quality pellets at the same time. For example, we recommend flow channel pelletizing system instead of strand pelletizer if they want to process PET and NYLON. Although the cost is higher in the beginning, the economic benefit is better in long term.

3.Introduction about our granulating systems?

We have three main pelletizing systems: underwater, water ring, and flow channel. The advantage of flow channel: automatically feed to the pelletizer by the water flow. Even if the strand is broken, it is no need to stop the production, which can enhance the efficiency and reduce the manpower loss. Underwater is similar to water ring. Their difference is that one is cut in the water and the other is cut before going into water. In addition, underwater has special design flow channel, so the required space is small. Furthermore, our granulating systems match with PLC control, which makes the operation convenient and smooth. We suggest suitable pelletizer to our customers according to different materials.

4.Do PARTICO has customized solutions?

Yes, it is what we have done and continue to do. We consider that providing customized solutions can perfectly meet our customers requirements. Besides, although we are extrusion pelletizing equipment manufacturer, if our customers need, we can also provide them crusher and washing line, preparing a complete set of recycling system, so that our customers don’t need to worry about inconsistency of each different system.

5.How do we achieve environmental protection and circular economy?

The most important thing of circular economy is turning things which might become trash to be valuable objects. It is what our industry does. Our recycling extrusion pelletizing machine converts used plastic to plastic pellets, which can be applied to diverse industry and areas. We are dedicated to improving our extrusion pelletizing skills continuously to suit diverse different materials, protecting our environment and making the recycled plastic to enter the circular economy again. By using our recycling equipment, we can bring the recycled plastics back to our lives, making efforts to achieve win-win situation for economy and environment.

6.How to assure the quality of our machines?

We make adjustments in each part of the machine according to materials characteristics and customers requirements. We do not give up our insistence in quality. In addition, before the equipment is delivered to the customer, we make changes continuously to make sure the quality is the best. Besides, we emphasize the importance of one machine for one material, which can not only extend service life of the machine, the customers can also produce the best quality pellets.

7.Do PARTICO provide after-sales service?

Yes, we provide after-sales support, which is also the advantage of our company. The warranty is one year, however, free maintenance and repair does not cover man-caused (man-made) damage.

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