HF-FTO-120 : Successful case in Thailand


The customer is a professional agriculture plastic product manufacturer in Thailand. They purchased PARTICO’s HF-FTO-120 3 in 1 plastic recycling extrusion pelletizing equipment again in 2016 to process PE hard sheet materials, which of the output achieves 500~600 kg/hr. The origin of the raw materials is from local PE recycled hard sheet that had been processed appropriately. Their produced pellets are applied to their own products. 

The customer is dedicated to improvement of production skill of agricultural plastic products and has modified the required materials constantly. Due to the rise of environmental awareness, the customer was seeking for production solution of recycled plastics at that time. In the past, the customer had the cooperation experience with PARTICO and decided to cooperate with us again because they are satisfied with our equipment’s appearance design, high-quality efficiency, low energy cost, and remarkable after-sales service.
The director of the company expressed that what he satisfied the most is PARTICO’s innovation and improvement on the whole machine design, which shows PARTICO outstanding reaction to the market and innovation ability.

PARTICO’s HF-FTO-120 system not only has the external design that fits eco-friendly concept but also adopts unique human-machine interface which simplifies the complicated production procedure. In this way, our customers can operate our systems with ease. In addition, PARTICO’s screw design, filtration flow channel, and automatic die face pelletizing highly reduce the production waste and cost, increase efficiency, creating economic benefits for our customers. 

PARTICO has earned recognition from this customer in Thailand for our PE sheet recycling extrusion pelletizing equipment, which helps us obtain the opportunities to exploit the market in Thailand, creating a multi-win situation for customers, PARTICO, and environment.