The best choice : HF-FTO-150V for PET flake

2020/9/29 Successful

A textile company situated in the southern of Taiwan purchased a complete set of PARTICO’s recycling machine for the first time in 2020. The company bought a PARTICO HF-FTO-150V (including automatic feeding and conveyor system) for this time. The customer wants to use this product to recycle PET flake and make it to yarn. The output of this type of PARTICO HF-FTO-150V is 800~1000 KG/ hour.


The company was established for 55 years, which is a major textile company in Taiwan. In order to protect the environment, they are dedicating to manufacture and improvement of diverse yarn and textile, using plastic and remaking it into virgin materials. Taking PARTICO’s expertise in PET’s raw materials and the feature of being able to customize equipment according to different demands into account, they give PARTICO this chance to cooperate with them.


The managers of this textile company said that there are a lot of advantages to use PARTICO’s equipment. The system can produce high quality recycled pellets. In addition, it has a very good level in terms of design of appearance and accuracy of the processing. Furthermore, in terms of operation and design of human machine interface, with its humanization interface design, it’s easy for customers to use. The design of feeding and conveyor system require fewer human resources, making the company more flexible to dispatch manpower.  PARTICO has a very complete vacuum degassing system design on the PET recycling and pelletizing equipment so that the IV value of the customer's product can perfectly meet the customer’s standard. And with an excellent filtration system and a flow channel pelletizing system, PARTICO can also meet the quality of pellets and capacity. After using our equipment and having a good experience, the company is planning to buy new machines for the future need and update the original machines.


PET recycling machines of PARTICO is trusted by customers, so we believe that we can have more opportunities to cooperate with this textile company in the near future. In the future, PARTICO will continue improve the skills of thermoplastic recycling, creating value for our customers and making contribution to the Earth, fulfilling our brand promise “Full Commitment in Achieving a Lucrative Joint Harvest”.