Successful Case of Polyethylene Foam Recycling (PE Material)

2020/10/07 Successful

Create a circular economy through PE foam recycling

A sports equipment company in the middle of Taiwan purchased PARTICO’s PE foam recycling pelletizing equipment: HF-FTO-85 in 2019 for the first time. This customer uses PARTICO’s machine to process PE foaming material and makes profits from selling the pellets, which not only reduces the waste, but also makes extra income and creates a circular economy. The output of this recycling granulating production line achieves 200~300 kg/hr.

Gained trust in plastic material recycling experience

The company is a major sports equipment company in Taiwan, possessing over 25 years experiences in the field of sports equipment like snowboard and surfboard. Their products are mainly exported to the United States. They once purchased other domestic manufacturer’s machine, but didn’t get ideal effect. After having in-depth communication with PARTICO, they considered that PARTICO is expert in raw materials, and evaluated that PARTECO can provide customized machine manufacturing services, which can meet the company’s detailed requirements for the processing of polyethylene foam recycling. For these above reasons that, this sports equipment manufacturing company finally trust us and giving us this opportunity to cooperate with them.

Easier operation, higher quality, faster efficiency

The boss and the manager of the company indicated that there are a lot of advantages to use PARTICO’s PE foaming recycling equipment: The machine’s external appearance design and accuracy of processing are at a fairly high level. In addition, with human-computer interface, it’s easy to learn and operate. Compared to their past machine system from other manufacturer, PARTICO’s machine has better productivity and less disadvantages. The pellets produced by this HF-FTO-85 are in good shape and at a high quality. PARTICO solves the problems caused by their former machine, including molten materials block in front of filtration and poor shape & quality pellets, therefore, perfectly meets their requirements. Because of their improvement of efficiency and product quality after using our machine, they continue to make follow-up plans to cooperate with us in the future.

Commitment to more economical polyethylene foam recycling

On account of this successful experience, PARTICO’s expertise is trusted by this sports equipment company. We believe that we will have more chances to cooperate with them in the future. Hence, PARTICO will continue to improve our thermoplastic pelletizing recycling technology and our manufacturing capacity on series plastic recycling machine in order to create value for clients and contribute to a better environment, staying true to our brand promise of “Full Commitment in Achieving a Lucrative Joint Harvest.”