HF-TS77 Perfect twin screw recycling compounding and pelletizing system


Because of the rise of environmental protection and circular economy, polyester industry makes use of more and more recycled plastics. A company which is located in Changhua, Taiwan, is always dedicated to the development and improvement of polyester skills. It continues to expand the recycling pelletizing production line. During the period of expanding the production line, they had cooperated with several manufacturers. In the cooperation experience with PARTICO, as the company was impressed by our excellent machine design and HF-TS77 with efficient pelletizing system, they were willing to believe us and have further cooperation with us in 2016.

During the period of cooperation, we communicate with each other continuously. They also provide us their professional material technologies and experiences generously. With the partnership, we manufacture the best extrusion pelletizing system together. The following are the advantages:

Outstanding screw design and compounding effect :
Our screws’ stability and ability of being operated for longtime are excellent. They can mix perfectly the molten materials with additives and deliver the materials unceasingly to the extrusion and granulating system. The output of the equipment is better than other production line.

Uniquely designed filtering system :
PARTICO’s special flow channel design makes the raw materials be filtered efficiently; Non-stop screen change system makes the customers replace the filter plate without stopping the production.

Suitable flow channel pelletizer :
According to their raw materials characteristics, PARTICO’s pelletizing system is also equipped with the most suitable pelletizer: flow channel pelletizer. Different from traditional strand pelletizer, its distinctive flow channel makes the materials automatically feed to the pelletizer by the water flow. While the plastic strands are broken, it can still keep the production, reducing the manpower cost and the production loss when the strands are broken, achieving the optimization of efficiency.

The quality of pellets produced by PARTICO’s HF-TS77can perfectly meet our customer’s needs. The pellets also fit well to their application on producing their products. In this cooperation, both PARTICO and the customer provide our individual expertise and experiences. We encourage and grow up mutually, manufacturing the most perfect twin-screw extrusion pelletizing equipment. Currently, HF-TS77 is keeping producing in their production line. After that, they also purchased underwater pelletizer for TPE material. PARTICO is also making HF-FTO135 which is ready to be delivered to the customer. In the future, we will have more cooperation discussions with them.